Berlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17thBerlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17th


Here you may find the schedule for the workshops.

Workshop-Ticket-Pre-Sale ends Saturday, May 9th at midnight.
Available tickets for non-sold-out workshops will be available at the door !

Asa Tricosa

Åsa Söderman of Åsa Tricosa has knitted her way from Sweden via New York, Boston, Sussex, and Singapore, and now lives in Germany. She enjoys sharing her seamlessly clever top-down Ziggurat technique whenever possible, and likes to inspire knitters to knit sweaters and cardigans with confidence. The classes are held in English but you are welcome to ask questions in German! (You can find Åsa's designs & knitting tips on Ravelry and at

Christiane Schütz

Begeisterte Strickerin der Generation 2.0 möchte euch mit auf eine humorvolle, spannende Reise durch 500.000 Anleitungen, 100.000 Garne und 5. Mio Stricker(innen) nehmen. Seit Feb.2012 habe ich das Stricken im Netz (ChrisBerlin auf Ravelry) entdeckt und damit nicht nur Info, Spaß sondern auch liebe Freunde gewonnen.

Heidrun Liegmann

Knitting, crocheting, needlework and crafting are part of my life since my
early childhood, when my Mom taught me a lot. During school, university, my
working life as a psychological psychotherapist, knitting was my way to
relax and be creative. For the last 10 years, experimenting with free form and short row techniques became the focus of my interest - as my own résumé I started teaching and writing tutorials on Swing-Knitting™.I love Swing-Knitting™: it's thrilling and adventurous, and it gives you uncountable and undreamt of possibilities of designing, creating, constructing.I love using it as a stand-alone or in combination with traditional ways of knitting. I have to live another 100 years to realize all the ideas I have in my mind!

Isabell Krämer

Isabell creates everyday items for modern knitters. Loving the outdoors, she is heavily influenced by nature; and those who know her designs love her casual, contemporary pieces that all come with a little twist. A confessed stripe addict herself, she is also hooked on seamless construction; not because she doesn't like seaming (she is a fully qualified dressmaker after all), but because she loves to see garments take shape and being able to adjust the fit on the go. Although hugely successful as a knitwear designer, she says that the biggest accomplishment is her son (there is even a pullover named after him) - becoming a mother was the best thing that has happened to her, followed a close second by her husband of a few years and her three cats.


I discovered the new-to-me hobby in the summer of 2008. That´s when I found out that I like to experiment with my knitting needles. And very soon I started to make up my own `patterns`. I would not write them down yet though. It took a while until I had the confidence for that. The experimenting is the best part of the designing process, I think. I like to try, rip back and re-start again until I finally have a knitted piece that looks just as the image in my head. Then I write it all down so that other knitters can enjoy my findings as well. And it just amazes me that this really works! It´s a magical thing that my words can be translated back into knitting. And, of course, add to that the creativity of the knitter and you will see the most wonderful things!

Joji Locatelli

I am an Argentine knitwear designer living and loving Buenos Aires.

I am a Mom of two boys, and a wife to a loving non-knitting husband. My days go by dreaming of new knitting projects and, when I can, a little bit of travelling too.

I hope to inspire you with my knitting patterns, a true reflection of what I love to wear myself. Draped fabrics, simple lines and lots of little details here and there.

Kimberly Gintar

Kimberly is an American Spanish and PE teacher living in Berlin. Her passion is knitting and designing along with inspiring others to be creative.
Along with enjoying life with her two kids and family, in her spare time you'll find her busy sewing, taking pictures, running and above all else just knitting on the couch in her pyjamas. According to her, it's the only way to stay sane.
You can find her on Ravelry and everywhere else as Kimberlolly.

Marc Smollin

Marc Smollin is a textile designer from Los Angeles, California.

Marianne Lenke

Marianne, seit 45 Jahren begeisterte Strickerin und Liebhaberin schöner Garne, der sich durch englischsprachige  Anleitungen vor einigen Jahren ein völlig neues Strickvergnügen eröffnet hat, das sie gern weitergeben möchte.

Miriam Jarrs

Miriam Jarrs is an international known artist, who lives in Hamburg. Her entire life is dedicated to colours. One day, she had the idea of a tiny little rabbit, knitting itself away in space, totally at peace:  welthase was born, that´s the name of her label for amazing hand dyed yarns. Due to a truly inspired colour concept, beginning with well balanced close-to-the-skin tones, the spectrum extends to a wide range of the most beautiful colours. In her workshops she´s happy to share all her knowledge and experience according to colours and construction.

Nancy Marchant

NANCY MARCHANT, a.k.a. the Queen of Brioche, was born in Indiana but now lives and works, as a graphicdesigner, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has written articles and designed for Vogue Knitting/Designer Knitting and Interweave Knits,as well as a number of Dutch knitting magazines, and is the author of Knitting Brioche,which is the first and only knitting book devoted exclusively to the brioche stitch. Her new book Knitting Fresh Brioche is a stitchionary of more than 80 new brioche stitch patterns. She maintains a website on the subject at and teaches online classes on about brioche knitting.


Als Strickdesignerin befreie ich euch seit ein paar Jahren mit meinem Prinzip
der »Maximalen Freiheit« von vorgegebenen Maschenproben.
Eine weitaus ältere Leidenschaft in meinem Leben ist jedoch die Fotografie.
Seit den 80ern beschäftige ich mich mit Blenden, Belichtungzeiten und


A knitter that loves dreaming up garments by finding new - or stumbling on old - ways to construct something in a different way.

Veera Välimäki

Veera Välimäki is the woman behind the hand knitting designs of Rain Knitwear Designs. Her designs focus on simple and clean lines with small modern details. Veera is passionate about wool and loves all kinds of short rows.Her work has been published in Knitscene Magazine, Finnish Moda magazine and by yarn brand Madelinetosh.


Marjan Hammink is a knitter/designer/journalist who lives in the Netherlands with her all-male family - the husband and their three sons. She's passionate about designing socks that speaks individuality.


I'm the founder of the ravelry-based group "Berlin spinnt!" and my spinning
group "Der versponnene Salon" celebrated this year it's fifth birthday.
Regulary I give my spinning classes with a limited amount of participants. I
teach the spinning basics (even when it's a workshop about spinning on the
wheel) with a handspindle. I think that's the ideal way to learn this new
crafting technique by your heart and step by step in your own time.