Berlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17thBerlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17th


I discovered the new-to-me hobby in the summer of 2008. That´s when I found out that I like to experiment with my knitting needles. And very soon I started to make up my own `patterns`. I would not write them down yet though. It took a while until I had the confidence for that. The experimenting is the best part of the designing process, I think. I like to try, rip back and re-start again until I finally have a knitted piece that looks just as the image in my head. Then I write it all down so that other knitters can enjoy my findings as well. And it just amazes me that this really works! It´s a magical thing that my words can be translated back into knitting. And, of course, add to that the creativity of the knitter and you will see the most wonderful things!