Berlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17thBerlinknits - Yarn Festival 2015 - May 16th & 17th

Heidrun Liegmann

Knitting, crocheting, needlework and crafting are part of my life since my
early childhood, when my Mom taught me a lot. During school, university, my
working life as a psychological psychotherapist, knitting was my way to
relax and be creative. For the last 10 years, experimenting with free form and short row techniques became the focus of my interest - as my own résumé I started teaching and writing tutorials on Swing-Knitting™.I love Swing-Knitting™: it's thrilling and adventurous, and it gives you uncountable and undreamt of possibilities of designing, creating, constructing.I love using it as a stand-alone or in combination with traditional ways of knitting. I have to live another 100 years to realize all the ideas I have in my mind!